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  Herbert, Rowland and Grubic, Inc.
  Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) provides public and private sector clients with full service capabilities in the design of civil infrastructure related to stormwater and watershed management, water and wastewater treatment systems, roadways, bridges and site development. This includes capabilities in civil and municipal engineering, surveying, Geographic Information Systems development, financial consulting, and electrical/mechanical engineering.

At HRG, our staff is not focused solely on calculations and field data but on people - our clients; the men, women, and children they serve; our employees; and the citizens with whom we share the local community. That\'s why we strive - before any plans are prepared - to get to know the needs of all stakeholders, so that we can design innovative solutions tailored to meet everyone\'s unique needs.

We are able to do this first and foremost because of the depth and variety of our experience. Founded in 1962 as a sanitary engineering firm formed under the name Herbert Associates, Inc., HRG has been serving the needs of Pennsylvanians and citizens of the surrounding states for fifty years.

Full Service Capabilities
In this time, we have developed into a full service firm offering expertise in the areas of transportation, environmental site assessments, civil and water resources, site design, surveying, and GIS in addition to our initial specialty in water and wastewater engineering. This broad range of capabilities further enhances our ability to serve you by enabling us to handle every project need in-house from the initial project concept to project delivery. Why manage relationships with 3, 4, or 5 other firms when you can have everything done under the management of one firm and one project manager you trust?

Dedication to Quality Service
It\'s especially desirable to hand over a project from start to finish to one firm when you know that firm possesses such strict standards for quality assurance and quality control as HRG does. In accordance with our quality control procedures, a project-specific QA/QC plan is developed for each undertaking that identifies project-specific communications procedures, schedule milestones, and checking milestones to be followed by all individuals. What\'s more, HRG is always striving to improve our services through regular solicitation of client feedback.

Please Call 330-726-4481 for more information.


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