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  Burgan Real Estate
  Burgan Real Estate Mission

Burgan Real Estate Ltd. was established in 1977 by John Burgan and Leon Turek. Leon was licensed in 1968 and became a full-time REALTOR in 1975. He graduated from Youngstown State with a degree in advertising and is one of 9 original members of the Million Dollar Club of the Ohio Association of REALTORS from the Youngstown area. John Burgan was licensed in 1972, and has made real estate his career from that time. He graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in business administration, and was also one of 9 original members of the Million Dollar Club.

Burgan Real Estate was established on August 20, 1977, which was a significant date for the Mahoning Valley. It was exactly 30 days before the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company, one of the area's largest employers, announced they were going out of business. That was the beginning of the end of the steel manufacturing industry in the Valley.

In the next three years other major mills were closing their doors. A common comment when we started our company was, "all Youngstown needs is another REALTOR, and don't forget, last one to leave, shut the lights out".

Those were tough times between 1977 and 1980. Because of the high inflation of the late 70's and the resulting high interest rates of the 80's, many local businesses did not survive. But Youngstown and Burgan Real Estate did. We practice the conservative values of the Valley residents, and our practice of employing full-time REALTORS helped us survive the 80's, and grow into one of the largest independent REALTORS in the Mahoning Valley

"The mission of Burgan Real Estate is to provide the best, most effective real estate services to buyers and sellers, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honesty."

Please Call 330-783-0055 for more information.


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