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  Andrew Good, Financial Advisor

As a Financial Advisor, I help individuals, couples and families meet their financial needs for the long term. I take this mission very seriously and work closely with my clients in order to suggest the products and services necessary to help achieve their individual goals. I have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you match your investment portfolio goals with your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives, while also suggesting alternatives to help protect your assets.

Everyone has different financial goals. That’s why it’s important to work with someone who can understand your specific financial situation, and provide guidance with that knowledge in mind. I can help you :

Evaluate your financial needs, priorities and goals

Develop a step-by-step strategy to support your objectives

Periodically review your goals, and adjust strategies when needed

Work with your professional advisors, like your attorney and accountant, if necessary

Together, we can help find solutions to financial challenges such as:

Building a strong financial foundation

Facing the financial challenges of simultaneously providing for your children and your parents

Preparingfor the costs of higher education

Reducing or eliminating debt

Leaving a legacy

Preparing for retirement

Protecting your small business and attracting top talent

When you work with a Prudential Financial Advisor, you’ll do more than simply find a bridge between our company’s products and your financial concerns. You’ll also gain access to a professional relationship geared to help you meet the challenges of your financial life.

It’s a relationship based on integrity. On trust. And on a commitment to helping you find financial confidence – at every step along the way, no matter your stage of life.

Please Call 330-892-8778 for more information.


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