We are excited to Announce that Safety Council, In-Person Meetings are starting back up and so is the BWC Discount! Many Qualifications and reporting requirements have changed since our last In-Person Meetings, and we are excited to bring these benefits to you! We are offering 12 Meetings throughout our FY23 Program Year. You are required to receive 10 credits (one per meeting) throughout the year to be eligible for the discount. Two of these credits can be obtained by attending approved BWC Training opportunities for external credits. 

Please see the flyer below for FY23 rebate information for details about your business rebate eligibility.

2022-23 Schedule
Ohio BWC Safety Council Rebate Info

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Employer List Registered

Columbiana Area Safety Council Current Membership


If your Business is listed on the list to the left, you are a current member of the Columbiana Area Safety Council Program. All You need to do is make your registration and payment arrangements for the meetings.

If you are not on the list but would like to become a member and receive all of the benefits including the potential to receive a 2% BWC Discount, please Contact Erich Offenburg, Executive Director of the Chamber at info@columbianachamber.com to arrange your registration.  New Registrations must be completed by July 31, 2022 to be eligible for FY23 discounts.  

If you are on the list and would prefer not to be a part of the program at this time, please contact Erich Offenburg, Executive Director of the Chamber at info@columbianachamber.com to be removed. 

The meeting fee will be $20/person. As a Columbiana Chamber Member benefit, CASC members who are also Chamber Members will receive a $5 discount, bringing their cost to just $15/person. This cost includes the meal and the presentation. The Chamber accepts new members at any time and your savings is immediate. 

We are offering a discount for PREPAYING for the entire year. You can attend all 12 meetings for the cost of 10 Meetings and only have one easy payment. So for a Columbiana Chamber Member the cost of Meetings for the year is $150 and for a nonmember only $200. This will also register you for every meeting automatically, so no other registration is required throughout the year. You can still opt to register and pay on a meeting-to-meeting basis as well. 

To sign up for Chamber Membership please visit http://columbianachamber.com/membership/   

Payment can be made by check, credit, or cash in several different ways as well. Here on our website click the appropriate link  below to Register for the meeting and make a credit card payment. You can pay for individual meetings or the “Pay for the Year” option. You may also register by clicking the button below and completing the form, Then mail a check to The Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce office at 11 N. Main Street, Columbiana, Ohio 44408. We will also accept Checks and Cash Payments prior to each meeting in person.
Click Here if Registering AND Paying with a CHECK or CASH