The Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce 2023 Membership is now open.  Anyone can be a member of our new exciting Chamber activities.  Whether you are a business owner, a community organization, a church, school, or non profit, there is a place for you on in The Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce.  We have even added two new Tiers, The Community Member Tier, and The Food Truck Federation.  Check out the Tiers below and see what works best for you in 2023! 

The First Step to Membership is completing the Information form found at this link.  Determine the Membership Tier that applies to your business and Sign up now for 2023 with this link:

2023 Columbiana Chamber Membership

Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce applies a 3% Service Fee to all sales. A 3% discount is available when paying with cash or check. Thank you for your continued patronage of our effort to support local businesses and the surrounding community.

Chamber Membership Tiers Online Payment

Fulltime Employees = One Employee                                                                                  Two Parttime Employees = One Employee

Tier 1 - $145

1 - 10 Employees

Includes Sole Proprietor & Businesses up to 10 employees

Tier 2 - $270

11 - 30 Employees

Includes Businesses with 11 to 30 employees

Tier 3 - $295

31+ Employees

Includes Businesses with 31 or more employees

Community Institutions - $100

Includes Churches, Schools, Community Organizations & Service Organizations

Food Truck Federation - $100

Includes any Food Truck. Gives you priority on Chamber events (discounted event fees)

Community Membership - $50

No need to own a business to get involved with your community! Become a voting member of the Chamber and Support Chamber Activities!

Business owners with two or more businesses can get a 20% discount on the Membership Tier of lesser value. Contact the Chamber Office if you have any questions. or 330.482.3822.